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Review: Those above by Daniel Polansky

Those Above - Daniel Polansky

I listened to this book in Audio, and enjoyed the experience immensely. This is the first book (of two?), and largely acts to set the scene for the battle to come. This is exactly the type of book I enjoy. Daniel's command of language is just beautiful, and he paints a vivid world, with a diverse cast of flawed characters.


I won't go into it too much, but "Those Above" introduces four people that are wildly different in character and standing in their society. By the end of this book, they have not interacted yet, but I can already see hints of how their lives will collide. There is a pretty big separation between "Those Above" (tall, smart, highly intelligent humanoids) and the humans that serve them. About half of the book takes place on "The Roost", a city built on top of a big spire (as best I can tell) with each rung a step down in social class. It makes for an interesting world. 


I could not put this books down (ie pause it), and I highly recommend it to any fan of fantasy.